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Our 4P (strategic) and 4D (execution) methodology empowers you to discover innovative solutions to complex problems, while providing an adoption plan to achieve successful execution.

4D METHODOLOGY (execution):

  1. Discover - Our team spends time with the customers to identify their objectives. We convert these objectives into meaningful deliverables, making sure that TCO is kept least through efficient acquisition and design that keeps the ongoing maintenance costs low.
  2. Design - Customer objectives are translated into the requirement definition and we design the solution ensuring that we leverage customer’s existing investments.
  3. Develop - We deliver content, community, collaboration, document, and knowledge management solutions. Our team has extensive knowledge on various technology platforms to provide solutions that are secure, scalable and mobile.
  4. Deploy - We either team up with the clients’ teams or use shared service approach to deploy the solutions in the most cost-effective manner.
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4P METHODOLOGY (strategic):

  1. Purpose: This is where we define the objectives of the project and define the acceptance criteria. This is usually the result of the business case that we prepare for our customers and define key parameters to measure ROI.
  2. Platform: Once we identify the Purpose, we choose the best Platform for the execution of the project. The Platform covers the technical environment and products such as SAP, Oracle Applications, Siebel and others.
  3. Processes: We identify key business processes and do the business blue-print. This typically involves As-Is processes to To-Be processes detailing. We deploy industry best practices.
  4. People: The last P of our execution framework is people. We use the right skill matrix to deliver the projects in budget.

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